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Meet the Characters

‘Bear and the Smiling Blue Moose’


The Blue Moose

Hi kids, I’m the friendliest blue moose in all of the land. When I meet a hunting bear, I just give him a great big smile and we become best friends!

hunting bear

Hunter Bear

Hey there, I’m a hunting bear who has changed his tune. Instead of hunting, I now regard other animals in the forest as my buddies. I like to play games with all kinds of animals, but especially my new friend, the Blue Moose!

‘Little Kit’s Driftwood Adventure’


Little Kit

My name is Little Kit and I live in the Cottonwoods along a river’s bend. I’m a young raccoon. Most of my friends are really good at swimming in the river, but I’m totally afraid of the water.  When I get separated from my mother, I meet three new friends that teach me to swim and help me get back to my mother.



I’m an old Pelican but I still fly around a lot. When I’m ready to fly, I run over water, flap my wings and pound my feet over the surface of the water in order to get enough speed to take off.  When I’m finally up in the air, I help my friends by looking all around.

Lil Al

Scary Al

I’m a big alligator, so almost everyone is afraid of me, but I must confess that I’m actually more afraid of them than they are of me.  When my new friend ‘Little Kit’ gets in trouble, I try to be brave so I can help him, but it’s not easy being brave.



Jo-Jo here. I’m a green water snake that lives in a Bayou with my two friends, ‘Pontch’ the Pelican and ‘Scary Al’ the alligator.  I’m pretty smart and a good leader.



I’m an evil land developer. I like to cheat and develop land that is not supposed to be developed, just so I can make more money. I always hope I don’t get caught.

Finch and Radley

Radley and Finch

We’re DerBoss’s assistants. He gives us orders and we obey. Even though we’re not very smart, we think some of the things he’s up to aren’t actually lawful.